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Market intelligence consultancy

At XCORP, we currently monitor more than 50 institutions, including banks, fintechs, brokers and international remittance companies.


For product teams, we catalog 100% of the app screens of these players. For marketing teams, we capture all CRM communication sent to customers.


MINT Market Intelligence by XCORP

To choose the best path, it's important to know where you are and what you'll encounter ahead. And that's what the MINT platform offers. Imagine having an army of people monitoring every move of your competitors. Recording every screen, every feature, every new product released in their apps. Capturing all communication with your customers, every email, every direct mail, every push notification, or SMS.


Now, consider that all this information is in a digital platform, at your fingertips, available wherever and whenever you need it. With you and your team having access to all screens of banking and fintech apps in Brazil or Spain. Allowing for searches and filters and easy, intuitive navigation. Not only that, imagine your team being alerted whenever a competitor makes a more significant move.


That's MINT, the Market Intelligence platform by XCORP. With MINT, you and your team reduce response time and improve the quality of your decisions.

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To offer Insights & Innovation services, we analyze all the information collected on the MINT platform to identify trends and opportunities. In addition to this extensive and deep knowledge base, we rely on XCORP's team's experience in creating and developing technology experiences, services, and solutions for the financial market. The result we obtain allows us to deliver insights, suggestions, and paths that will become new services and functionalities or even new strategic partnerships for you and your team.


The ideas and opportunities identified by Insights & Innovation by XCORP will be a catalyst to accelerate innovation in your marketing and product teams.



XCORP is the realization of a dream. A dream of combining the lightness and agility of a squad with the robustness and reliability of a digital platform. XCORP was born to help clients in the financial sector stay ahead.


On one hand, assisting them in keeping up with market trends and their competitors. On the other hand, providing insights and trends not only from the local market but also from what is most relevant in the world of banks and fintechs.


To deliver this, more than twenty years of experience in launching technology projects for brands like Bradesco, Itaú, Banco Original, VISA, CEF, Banco Pan, Bank Boston, Banco Pine, and many others were not enough. To provide this, we assembled a team, a methodology, and a proprietary Market Intelligence platform, MINT.

If you're curious, give us a call for a chat. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Leonardo Dias

Founder XCORP

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